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Oyunda Ufo


There is an invasion in space. If you manage to survive in the middle of the battle, you will earn points for all the assets you have acquired.

Revenue model

You can exchange all the points you earn for GNSSLAB tokens. In game life, you either improve your character or you life improve yourself.






Data management

By the developed system, it has secure data transfer, transparency, decentralized structure and traceable system.


The game has a market where the assets in the game can be displayed collectively. The market has the features to display and list all the assets in the game. It can easily access and buy or sell assets that are sold and rented in-game.


The game offers a sustainable economy model to its players with the in-game token economy model. Thanks to this model, many manageable areas such as inflation and supply balance that exist in the real market are created.


The player can rent the asset s/he owns to a different player. In return for this rental, the other party can demand a trade or fee. If s/he does not want to sell a valuable product s/he owns and wants to create an income model through it, s/he can choose to rent it.

Asset merging

It applies the connection system between two assets by considering the relationship of the in-game asset by an asset.

Asset creation

A token is created in ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standards based on the single type or multiple types of the asset belonging to the game.



Building Ecosystem
Partner Games
New Members



Beta Process
Testing Stake
Stake Rewards
Token Burn


Alpha Tests
All Language Translation
Game Launch
Top-List Reward


Full Ecosystem Usage
E-sports Tournaments
Partnership Subs.
Token Burn


Genesis Of War Live
GOW Metamask Int.
GOW-2 Web3 Launch


About Us

Transitioning from WEB2 to WEB3

Founded in 2022, AI GENESIS LAB is at the forefront of the paradigm shift from WEB2 to WEB3. Specializing in the integration of gaming with blockchain technology, we recognize the tremendous potential this convergence holds for the gaming industry. Our focus lies in streamlining the management and exchange of in-game digital assets, enabling their conversion into real-world currencies. Additionally, our blockchain integration opens avenues for cross-game trading, empowering players to utilize in-game assets across different gaming platforms. This transformative integration is poised to reshape economic and business models within the gaming industry, promising an enhanced experience for players.

AI GENESIS LAB stands as a technology company dedicated to providing the essential infrastructure for game developers to seamlessly integrate their games into the WEB3 landscape.


Our provided infrastructure serves as a robust framework, decrypting all activities transpiring between the game and the user while meticulously monitoring all records. This commitment underscores our mission to usher in a new era of transparency, security, and enhanced user experiences within the evolving landscape of blockchain-integrated gaming.

AI Genesis Lab is committed to ensuring the utmost transparency in its operations. Through the utilization of smart devices, all materials and processes are meticulously stored on the network. The creation of contracts follows a decentralized structure, providing a robust framework for securing ownership.

This innovative system allows for the thorough verification of interactions between users and the game across the network. Notably, it facilitates the monitoring of all retroactive transactions, enhancing accountability and ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience.

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