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1.1.AI GENESIS LAB is a technology company that provides game makers with the technology to integrate their games into WEB3.

1.2.Game integration with blockchain offers great potential for this integration in the gaming industry. This integration simplifies the management and exchange of in-game digital assets and allows them to be exchanged for real-world currencies. Moreover, blockchain technology also opens the way for trading between games, allowing players to use their n-game assets across different games. This integration could lead to change in economic and business models in the gaming industry and provide players with a better experience.

1.3.AI GENESIS LAB is a technology company that provides infrastructure for game developers to integrate their games into web3.

1.4.Thanks to the infrastructure provided by AI GENESIS LAB, users can buy and sell products without being connected to any central system. It allows you to create a suitable environment to decrypt all activities performed between the game and the user and monitor all records.

2.1.Who Are We?

2.2.AI GENESIS LAB is a Tallinn-based company that provides blockchain solutions and integration infrastructure services for web and mobile games. We started with 9 people, now we are a team of 43 people
employees, 16 remote workers and a total of 59 people.

3.1.What Is The Problem?

3.2.Web2 is a centralized ecosystem based on the root-server model. These problems brought by Web2 negatively affect the user. These problems generally include the fact that the game ecosystem remains only within the game, it cannot be transferred to a different platform, and the security of the data cannot be verified.

4.1.Central Building

The game ecosystem works only in the game, the user can only use the game he owns in n-game.


Security problems in the game greatly affect the user. The user risks losing his account or items.


The user can never verify the accuracy of an action taking place within the game. Even if the game wants to be transparent to the user, Web2 does not allow this.

7.1.How Does AI Genesis Laboratory Work?

7.2.AI GENESIS LAB guarantees that all materials and processes are stored transparently on the network by smart devices. Contracts are created in a decentralized structure and ownership is secured.

7.3.In this way, the actions that will take place between the user and the game can be verified over the network and all retrospective transactions can be monitored.
Smart Contract

7.4.A transaction in the game that the user may suspect is carried out with smart contracts and its accuracy is verified. For example; If the probability of an entity coming out of a box has the following probability, the accuracy of this data will be verified from the network.


8.2. Historical traces of the data of an entity or another action in the game can be traced over the network. The user will be able to access the user element owned by the desired platform.


Users will ensure their own security with their own wallets without connecting to the platform and will not be affected by attacks on the game.

9.1.Why AI Genesis Laboratory?

9.2.Smart Contracts

The process of integrating games that have just started production or have certain dynamics into the Blockchain from start to finish provides the infrastructure. Depending on the dynamics of the game, the wallet connection provides a platform for printing in-game items, transferring items, managing decoupled relationships between each other. Maximum security of data to be written to the network. It has a system that provides protection at the highest level, constantly tests itself and keeps it updated. It has a system that provides Ts level protection and constantly tests itself and keeps it updated.


In addition to its decentralized infrastructure, it allows the items in the game to be bought and sold without being tied to any platform.
It provides a tokenomics model for gaming companies to manage buying, selling, and transfers as well as creating items.
What are the advantages of game companies after switching to Web3?
After this innovation, game companies will have a new player base. The number of users will increase and they will have a new revenue model.


After the integration of the game, the user base it will appeal to will be wide. Those who come with integration innovations will ensure that users using the Web3 ecosystem come to the platform.

11.1.In-Game Rental Items

AI GENESIS LAB will make in-game items available for rent.
Rental of n-game items will be carried out through smart contracts. This eliminates the danger of change of ownership and makes it safer.
What will users gain by making a vehicle available for rent?
Renting has many advantages for both buyer and tenant. If the owner of the tem does not want to sell the tem and only wants to rent it, he can create a tem.

13.1. Technical Specifications and Smart Contract Details

Token Name: GNSSLAB

Standard: Bep-20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Total Supply: 12,000,000,000

Contract : 0xc2767889f53a1dfc53dd6b40cfd1a4bebdc7b30f


Partnership : 10%

Team : 15%
Staking Reward : 25%

Marketing : 20%

Liquidity : 10%
Development : 20%

14.1. Distribution Plan and Token Ecosystem

Token distribution plan, reserve funds, rewards and airdrops will be presented in detail in this section. At the same time, the role of the token in the ecosystem, its usage areas and earning mechanisms will be discussed.

15.1. GNSSLAB Token Usage Areas

In-game Asset Buying and Selling

Platform Fees and Payment Method

Team and Development Funding

Rewards and Incentives

16.1. Security and Protection

The security and protection mechanisms of the GNSSLAB token, smart contract auditing, user data privacy and platform security will be highlighted in this section.

18.1. Community and Communication

Communication mechanisms such as interaction and communication channels with users, social media accounts, community forums and support center will be presented in this section.

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